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Kitesurfing in soul Rassudr

As always Egypt have amazing Sun, turquoise water, constant winds and shallow water lagoon; its the perfect combination for Kitesurfers of all skill levels. Ras sudr offers the best conditions to appreciate an unforgettable vacation and to progress in your kitesurfing skills rapidly.

 Beginners actual will grant from our beginner courses with (IKO) qualified instructors, and we have large shallow area, which makes it much easier to get started with kitesurfing.

Soul kitesurfing Rassudr (Egypt) is a family center which every one we meet becomes one of soul family on a personal level, soul is our home and home to many others not only a center, we try our best to provide an extraordinary felling of warmth, homey feeling and this what make us soul.

We are open all year and we have more than many kites & boards available to rent. We also have a restaurant right on the spot with a beach view, an excellently trained team of instructors, helpful beach staff, a compressor for inflating the kites, a kite repair works, and night life

Wind and Weather

The wind blows almost everyday side-onshore from the right of our beach, It comes constant with no gusts, directly from the Red Sea; therefore making it very steady.

 Our spot doesn’t suffer from turbulent and gusty winds created by buildings and infrastructure. Caused from our micro-climate, we usually have much more wind than is predicted in daily weather forecasts.

  With over 5 years experience, we are confident that (WINDFINDER rassudr) is the most accurate forecast for rasusudr.

The "superforcast" tends to produce the closest predictions in terms of accuracy. 

 The wind over the winter months, from December - February is statistically not as steady as the rest of the year.

 Throughout these months, we experience a mixture of light and strong wind days. 

The temperatures though are still warm & sunny- with temperatures similar to summertime in Europe. 


Though the high and low tides don’t differ significantly in the Red Sea {30cm - 90cm}, we can sense this variance in our shallow water lagoon.

 Overall the water level is slightly higher over the wintertime months. Due to these high tides, riders can kitesurf safely all hours of the day. Throughout summer however - especially around full moon - low tide can drop so low that the lagoon dries out completely for a few hours. During these extreme low tides, kitesurfing is only possible out in the deep.